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Modern Jazz Piano Soloing – Quartal Shapes

In today’s lesson, you’ll learn to improvise hip, contemporary jazz piano lines like McCoy Tyner, Jacob Collier, and Jon Batiste. Specifically, you’ll discover the secret of using quartal shapes to unlock a professional, modern piano sound. This simple melodic tool will give you a whole new perspective on jazz improvisation that sounds great! You’ll learn:
-2 Quartal Shapes
-2 Modern Left Hand Voicings
-4 Quartal Connectors
-2 Quartal Exercises

► How to Improvise with the Mixolydian Scale:

How to Improvise a Solo With the Mixolydian Scale 1

00:00 – Intro
01:04 – 2 Quartal Shapes
02:59 – Mixolydian Scale
03:50 – Quartal Blocking
04:31 – Left Hand Accompaniments
05:31 – Quartal Connector Exercises
05:53 – Down Exercise
07:18 – Improv Tips
09:48 – Play with backing track
11:04 – Up Exercise
12:21 – Play with backing track
12:39 – Conclusion


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Happy practicing!
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