The 3 Elements of Playing Solo Jazz Piano – Featuring Jeremy Siskind

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Artist Interview Featuring Jeremy Siskind

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In this interview, Jonny talks with award-winning pianist, composer and author Jeremy Siskind on the three elements of solo jazz piano playing—melody, chords, and bass. By sharing excerpts from his recent book, Playing Solo Jazz Piano, Jeremy breaks down stride piano, stride-style comping, bass in the left hand, melody harmonization and shared-hand voicings.

00:00 Intro
00:08 Performance: We’ll be together Again
06:02 What are the main techniques used by jazz pianists
06:41 Bass line in 2
07:29 Bass line in 4
07:50 3 Elements of Solo Piano
08:43 Shuttling technique
10:49 Playing Solo Jazz Piano Book
11:48 Shared Hand Voicings
13:28 C Jam Blues Excerpt
15:02 Conclusion


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