Somewhere Over The Rainbow Piano Lesson | Intermediate Jazz Piano Chords Explained & Tips for Impro

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In this tutorial I’m showing you the chords of the famous jazz standard “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. The chords on the sheet are almost the same as in the Realbook version, maybe with 2-3 little changes. Additionally I’m showing you how to exchange some of the chords and reharmonize the song gently.

In the end of the video we go through some jazz piano scales that you can apply: The blues scale and the melodic minor scale, which is used together with altered chords. An example:

You play a C+ chord with the left hand. In order to play a solo on C+ move one halftone step up from the C, to the C#. Now play the melodic minor scale on C# with the right hand, and voilà, sounds great. Additionally you can blend in tones from the C Minor Blues Scale.

The sheet of Somewhere Over The Rainbow is in Eb Major, so we need to find the parallel minor scale, which is the C Minor. Now play a simple blues scale on C Minor. The tones fit the whole piece through.

The tones of the blues scale in C are:
c, eb, f, f#, g, bflat, c

An “extended version” of the blues scale in C is with the “a” added:
c, eb, f, f#, g, a, bflat, c

For questions feel free to ask me in the comment section. Also let me know which song you wish for the next piano tutorials.

My goal on this channel is to teach you my methods on the piano on a fun an practical way.

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow Piano Lesson
Intermediate Jazz Piano Chords Explained
Tips for Improvisation and Soloing

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