Piano Chords: The Definitive Guide

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Piano Chords – The Definitive Guide


Can you recall a film or novel that begins somewhere in the middle of the storyline and then fills in the exposition through dialogue or flashbacks? This is a timeless narrative technique known as in media res (Latin for  “in the midst of things.”) While in medias res makes for great drama, too many piano students have started “in the midst of things” when it comes to learning piano chords. In today’s Quick Tip, Jonny presents a clear, linear presentation for understanding piano chords with this definitive guide that begins, well, “in the beginning.” You’ll learn:
– 4 Triads
– 2 Sus Chords
– 6 Seventh Chords
– 3 Chord Extensions
– 4 Chord Alterations
– 6 Uncommon Chords

In fact, this lesson is not just for pianists! This definitive guide to piano chords covers music theory foundations that are relevant to every musician.

► Piano Triads course:

Piano Triads – Major, Minor, Diminished, Augmented Chords

► 7th Chords course:

Intermediate Piano Foundations – Part 1

► Piano Chord Extensions course:

Piano Chord Extensions

► Piano Chord Extensions course:

Piano Chord Alterations

00:00 – Intro
00:23 – Triads
03:56 – Sus Chords
05:01 – Add 2 Chords
06:00 – Uncommon Chords
09:01 – 7th Chords
12:28 – 9th Chords
15:36 – 11th Chords
17:43 – 13th Chords
21:08 – Altered Chords
23:31 – Conclusion

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Happy practicing!
Jonny May

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