Nani Kama Wewe Bwana Piano Tutorial ( Key C And F Sharp )

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Want to learn more in the key of C and F Sharp? Check out our full length courses here:
C Major Intermediate course

C Major Advanced course

F Sharp Intermediate course

F Sharp Advanced course

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* Equipment We Use To Prepare Our Tutorials:

Keyboard( Our version is out of stock but you can get this one instead):
Midi Controller We Use:
Foot Switch Pedal We Use:
Headphones We Use:
Pop Filter:
Sound Recording Equipment We Use:
Studio Monitors We Use:
Computer We Use:
Hard Disk We Use:
Keyboard stand( Not what we use but recommended):
Mic Stand( Not what we use but recommended):

For Video Production:
Camera Tripod Stand:
Camera We Use ( we use an oppo F5 but you can a newer model):
Video Editing Software We Use:

Audio Plugins We Use:
Recording Software We Use:
Waves Plugins:
Piano Software Instrument:
Bass Software Instrument:
Virtual Drumming Software We Use:
Virtual Piano Appearing At The Top:

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