JAZZ PIANO CHORD VOICING LESSON [1 of 2] (rootless voicings)

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1:22 Rootless V7 voicing
4:14 Voicings for Db7 – C maj 7
11:39 Voicings for Db7 – C min 7
17:36 Final Words

In this video I show you my favorite rootles chord voicings for V7, maj 7 and min 7 chords. And I’ll show you how you can use these to play ii – V – I’s with Tritone Substitution applied to the V chord.

Built from C the voicings look like this:

C maj 7 = (C) E G B D
C min 7 = (C) Eb G Bb D
C7 = (C) E A Bb D

Notice that the major 7 and minor 7 voicings play 3 5 7 9 in the right hand, whereas the V7 chord I play 3 6 7 9 instead (6 or ’13’ instead of 5). This is because the 13th sounds more colorful and works better for the V7 chord. And it also helps keep the voice leading smooth when you play a ii-V-I, with each chord change you get a nice step wise movement in the inner voices.

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And I hope to see you in PART 2 of this video, where we’ll go into COMPLETE ii-V-I’s and ALTERED CHORD variations too!

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