Jazz Piano Accompaniment – The Definitive Guide

Jazz Piano
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Jazz Piano Accompaniment – The Definitive Guide


Perhaps you’ve learned a handful of jazz standards for solo piano, but how do you adapt them into a jazz piano accompaniment when you’re with a vocalist? In today’s Quick Tip, we’ll cover 3 essential jazz piano accompaniment techniques. Each of these techniques works great when accompanying a singer in the jazz swing style. Using the classic tune “Blue Moon” as an example, you’ll learn the following:
– 1 Jazz Chord Progression
– 4 Chord Voicings for Jazz Accompaniment
– 3 Essential Accompaniment Techniques

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Jazz Swing Accompaniment 1

00:00 – Intro
00:36 – Blue Moon Chords
02:19 – Chord Voicings
02:30 – Guide Tones (Beginner/Intermediate)
04:23 – Rootless Voicings (Intermediate/Advanced)
06:15 – Rhythms
06:27 – 4-On-The-Floor
10:27 – Play with backing track
07:59 – 2-Feel
11:11 – Walking Bass
14:54 – Conclusion


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