How To Read Notes 2021 🎼🎶 (Beginner Piano Lesson)

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One of the most important skill sets you can have at your disposal as a piano player is how to read notes so that you can learn to play the songs you love!

We’ve touched base on this before, and in some detail, with our previous rundown on “How To Read Notes”. It’s been a very helpful lesson for a lot of people, but I was left wondering:

How can we do it better?

There are many different ways to learn musical notation, and I have a few new tricks up my sleeve that I thought might be helpful for new players trying to get a scope of it.


0:00 – Intro

0:41 – *Part 1 Review*
1:31 – Middle C
3:11 – Note Name Acronyms

3:48 – *Tips and Tricks*
4:35 – Landmark Notes
5:48 – Intervals
6:00 – 2nds
7:07 – 3rds
8:38 – 4ths
9:30 – 5ths
10:23 – 6ths
10:50 – 7ths
11:33 – Octaves
12:00 – Different options
12:29 – Use Patterns

13:14 – Lesson Review & Practice

Download the sheet music for practice here:

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