How To Play Piano for Beginners, Lesson 15 || Minuet in G

This is Lesson 15 in my series of tutorials on how to play piano for beginners. In this tutorial we’re learning a pretty famous piece of baroque keyboard music – Minuet in G. It’s quite an interesting and challenging little piece, and it will need you to think carefully about the way you manage your fingers and put into practice quite a few of the different piano techniques we’ve learned so far. If you find this piece hard work, and feel that practising it is “bending your brain”, then that’s good — it’s supposed to be a challenge, and it’ll probably take you a week or two at least to get it to a good standard.

The piece, which was written in the days before pianos really existed, and was originally intended for harpsichord and other early keyboard instruments, was long thought to be the work of J.S. Bach, as he included it in his collection “The Anna Magdalena Notebook”. Scholars today, however, are pretty sure it’s the work of one of Bach’s associates, Christian Petzold.

Anyhow, I really hope you enjoy it. Remember to keep up your piano practice every day — as with all musical practice, success comes when you work at your instrument little and often — and don’t neglect your scales. If you’re relatively new and finding things difficult, it could be because you’re still developing your fine motor control and strength in your hands, and piano scales really help with that!

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