How To Play Piano for Beginners, Lesson 13 || 2/4 Time And Semiquavers (16th Notes)

This is tutorial 13 in my ongoing series on how to play piano for beginners. In this lesson we’re learning about a new time signature – 2/4, which is similar to 4/4, but subtly different – and semiquavers, or sixteenth notes.

There’s a also new easy piano piece to learn, and I share some thoughts about learning speeds and practice methods. Learning piano is a long game, and you should approach it that way: you need to practise little and often, try to play the piano at least a little every day, practise thoroughly, including your scales and exercises, and remember always to challenge yourself. Don’t worry too much if you’re a little older: the very best pianists almost always start young, but there’s absolutely no reason why an older learner shouldn’t become highly competent at the piano if he or she puts enough practice time in, consistently, over an extended period of time.

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