How To Play “Perfect” On The Piano (Ed Sheeran)

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Ed Sheeran wrote “Perfect” for his wife — who he actually grew up and went to school with!

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The lyrics are so beautiful, coupled with a lovely melody. The good news for us is that the chords in this song are very simple — and there are only four of them!

We’re in the key of G, so the chords we will be using are G, Em, C, and D. That’s it! The order changes in the chorus, but they are the exact same chords.

We have done many videos on how so many popular songs use the same four chords, and this is a “Perfect” example (excuse the pun). This song uses the 1-6-5-4 progression for the verse and pre-chorus – and the 6-4-1-5 progression for the chorus.

The most challenging thing about this song is the left hand. We’ll be playing the chords as broken arpeggios, but if that is challenging there is a simpler option which I have timecoded below.

Another challenge is that sometimes our right and left hands will be ‘sharing’ notes. They’ll be playing the same note — but at different times. I have also timecoded solutions for this below.

Here are the different parts of the song with their timecodes:

– The important left-hand part – 0:59

– Adding the right hand – 1:35

– Putting both hands together – 2:25

– The pre-chorus – 3:10

– The chorus – same chords, different order – 4:16

– How to deal with overlapping hands – 6:05

– A simpler option for the left hand – 6:16

– The final section – the outro riff – 6:53

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