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Essential Blues Piano Scales: Major & Minor Blues Scale

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Do you want to take your blues improv to the next level? Most piano students learn the blues scale and improvise blues up and down the piano with this one scale. While this is a great place to start, eventually it can start to sound a little bit repetitive to use the same scale. The fact is that most professional blues pianists actually use 2 different blues scales when improvising over the blues. Just listen to pianists like Oscar Peterson, Dr. John, and Otis Spann. In today’s lesson, you’re going to learn these 2 essential blues piano scales so that you can take your blues improv to the next level. You’ll learn:

– The Minor Blues Scale
– The Major Blues Scale
– 12-Bar Blues Chords on Piano
– An Exercise to Connect Your Blues Scale
– 2 Licks That Incorporate Both Scales

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Jonny May

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