How I Can Play Hundreds of Jazz Songs from Memory

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How to Easily Memorize Hundreds of Jazz Songs


Have you ever met a pianist who could play hundreds of tunes from memory and thought to yourself—that’s impossible! Well, the truth is, most performance competencies feel impossible – right until they’re not. In today’s Quick Tip, you’ll learn how gigging musicians are able to memorize hundreds of jazz songs, and how you can too! In fact, by learning just 8 chord progressions, you’ll be recalling hundreds of jazz standards from memory yourself. You’ll learn:
– 8 Chord Progressions
– Principles of Harmonic Analysis
– 24 Song Examples

► Turnaround Progression:

The Amazing Turnaround

► Cycle of 5ths:

Cycle of Fifths in 3 Jazz Styles 1

► Extended Turnaround Progression:

Extended Turnaround Improv 1

► Minor Turnaround Progression:

Cocktail Jazz Piano Accompaniment 1

► Sentimental Progression:

The Sentimental Progression 1

► Misty Progression:

6 Jazz Ballad Harmonic Approaches 1

► Chromatic Walkup:

Play Piano Lead Sheets With 7th Chords

► Blues Progression:

The 10-Lesson Blues Challenge 1

00:00 Intro
01:55 1. Turnaround Progression
02:27 Chords/Formula
04:08 2. Cycle of 5ths
05:02 Chords/Formula
08:15 3. Extended Turnaround
08:56 Chords/Formula
11:02 4. Minor Turnaround
11:36 Chords/Formula
13:57 5. Sentimental Progression
14:38 Chords/Formula
17:34 6. Misty Progression
18:08 Chords/Formula
20:19 7. Chromatic Walkup
20:56 Chords/Formula
22:43 8. Blues Progression
23:44 Chords/Formula
25:43 Conclusion


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Happy practicing!
Jonny May

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