Funky in C │ Blues Piano Lesson #9

Jazz Piano
Sheet Music:
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This is lesson is about simplifying complicated exercises.

Funk in C Tutorial – Blues Piano Workout
0:00 Intro
0:18 Preview
0:45 Step 1 – Learn the Chord Progression
1:00 Step 2 – Add / Practice the Groove
1:30 Step 2 – Practice the Groove (Slowly)
1:60 Step 3 – Try out different chord progressions
2:15 Step 4 – Try out different bass lines and Rhythm Patterns
2:40 Step 4 – Practice Tips
2:56 Step 5 – Practice one lick at the time
3:14 Step 6 – Practice Lick No. 2
3:28 Step 7 – Practice Lick No. 1 & 2
3:41 Step 8 – Practice Lick No. 1 & 2 (without chords)
3:55 Step 9 – Add Lick No. 3 to Your Groove
4:09 Step 10 – Change the Groove
4:30 Mindset
4:48 Step 11 – Create your own licks (C Minor Blues Improvisation)
5:15 Slow Motion (For Beginners)

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