Fly Me to the Moon for BEGINNER Piano 🎹

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Fly Me to the Moon for Beginner Piano


There are three basic steps to getting a jazz swing feel on the piano. First, learn to play and interpret the melody with a swing feel. Secondly, accompany the melody using diatonic 7th chords. Lastly, apply a swing pattern to your left hand. You can use these three steps to create solo piano arrangements for dozens of swing tunes in your Real Book. Using “Fly Me to the Moon” as an example, we’ll break down each step of the jazz swing style on piano for the complete beginner including:
– Swinging the Melody
– Understanding the Chord Symbols
– Identifying the Guide Tones of Each Chord
– Applying a Swing Groove

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Fly Me To The Moon 1

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Fly Me To The Moon 2

00:00 – Intro
00:43 – Lead Sheet Melody
03:39 – Basic Chords
07:57 – Play with backing track
09:39 – Guide Tones
14:31 – Add the Groove
15:25 – Play with backing track
17:21 – Conclusion

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Happy practicing!
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