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In this lesson we create a simple Bossa Nova or Samba groove over the major 251 and 2516 progressions in the key of G.

Start With Simple Voicings
We start with a simple vamp using 3-note voicings for the major 251 progression. We experiment with chord inversions and play the voicings in the different registers of the piano.

Altering the V7 Chord
We can add alterations to the V7 chord to achieve different chord colours and textures. Check out the course on Altered Harmony and USTs for more information on the tensions we can play over dominant chords.

Adding the VI7 Chord
We can extend the progression to include the VI7 chord of the key. In the key of G Major, we can add an E7 chord which creates a circular progression back to the ii-7 chord. We now have the progression A-7, D7b9, G7, E7alt.

The VI7 chord in a 2516 progression is often played as an altered dominant chord. Jovino demonstrates the different chord colours and tensions that can be played over the E7 in a 2516 in G Major.

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