Beginners, here’s how to play Cocktail Piano

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How to Play Beginner Cocktail Piano in 3 Steps


When it comes to jazz piano improvisation, too many students stop before they even start because they assume they don’t have the formal training, theory knowledge, or piano technique needed to improvise freely. The problem with that sort of thinking is that it takes good things like training and technique, and turns them into obstacles rather than tools. If your goal is to improvise jazz piano, you really can get started today. In this lesson, Jonny shares 3 simple steps to begin playing beginner cocktail piano without any prerequisites! You’ll learn:
– 4 Chords
– 1 Scale
– 3 Improv Exercises

►Jazz Ballad Soloing Challenge:

Jazz Ballad Soloing Challenge

00:00 – Intro
00:50 – Step 1: Turnaround Progression
03:02 – Play with backing track
03:57 – Step 2: Mixo-Blues Scale
06:12 – Step 3: Improv Exercises
06:52 – 1. 8th Notes
08:11 – Play with backing track
09:21 – Improv with backing track
10:51 – 2. Triplets
12:29 – Play with backing track
12:59 – Improv with backing track
14:05 – 3. Slides
15:59 – Play with backing track
16:20 – Improv with backing track
16:59 – Conclusion

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Happy practicing!
Jonny May

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