Andy Laverne – Solo Jazz Piano Lesson

Jazz Piano
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Description: In this “Arranging for Solo Piano” Masterclass, acclaimed pianist Andy LaVerne discusses and demonstrates his arrangement of a famous jazz standard. Andy breaks down his aesthetic and harmonic choices as he shows you how to incorporate the entire instrument in an orchestral way. If you want to learn how to make beautiful and fresh solo piano arrangements in the jazz idiom, this video is for you. NOTE: There is an 18-page PDF bundled with the download version of this video (not the $9.99 streaming version) which includes the onscreen notation seen in the video.

Topics Covered: Arranging for Solo Piano, Jazz Piano, Jazz Harmony, Re-harmonization, Voicings, Melody, Voice-leading, Repetition, Thelonious Monk, Form, Substitutions, Harmonizing Notes, Using The Whole Instrument, Etc.

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