14 Easy Piano Exercises for Beginners: Improve Your Technique!

0:05 Secret cat appearance
0:24 Exercise 1 (Arpeggios)
1:52 Exercise 2 (Arpeggios)
3:10 Exercise 3 (Arpeggios)
4:20 Exercise 4 (Arpeggios)
5:00 Exercise 5 (Arpeggios)
6:15 Exercise 6 (Arpeggios)
7:13 Exercise 7 (Arpeggios)
8:14 Exercise 8 (Arpeggios)
8:35 Exercise 9 (Arpeggios)
9:54 Exercise 10 (Scales)
11:41 Exercise 11 (Scales)
14:00 Exercise 12 (Repeated notes)
16:45 Exercise 13 (Octaves)
19:32 Exercise 14 (Octaves)
Here are 14 exercises meant for beginning piano and keyboard players. These will build up your technique and work on your left hand and weak fingers (4th and 5th mostly). They will specifically challenge you to master techniques such as playing in octaves, or playing arpeggios, which are useful in actual playing and not just abstract exercises from a dry book.

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