10 Jazz Songs to Learn and Practice

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10 Jazz Songs to Learn and Practice


As you dive into the world of jazz, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the hundreds of jazz standards out there. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to learn all of them. So, how do we know which jazz songs are the best to learn and practice? You could simply start learning jazz tunes without organization, although this will take quite a bit of time and each tune may not help you with the next tune you learn. Instead, if you choose just a few jazz standards with well-laid out criteria, then you can cover many similar songs in far less time! In this lesson, you’ll learn:

– Criteria for choosing the best jazz songs to learn and practice
– The list of 10 recommended jazz songs
– Similar songs for each of the top 10 list
-Some insight into the common musical elements of each tune, including chord progression, keys, and styles

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St Louis Blues

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00:00 – Intro
00:44 – Criteria for Selecting Tunes
03:07 – 1. Autumn Leaves
04:49 – 2. The Way You Look Tonight
06:59 – 3. Girl From Ipanema
08:32 – 4. C-Jam Blues
10:05 – 5. St. Louis Blues
11:15 – 6. Our Love is Here to Stay
12:43 – 7. Blues Skies
13:59 – 8. Beautiful Love
15:20 – 9. Misty
16:46 – 10. Ain’t Misbehavin
17:43 – Conclusion


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Happy practicing!
Jonny May

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