10 Epic Movie Intros played in synthesia – advanced piano tutorial

•EDIT : Sorry for the inconveniences guys y’all are wondering how the heck you would play 16 notes at a time! but its actually the sustain pedal doing this. When it is recorded live in the FL studio piano roll with the sustain pedal, following midi notes elongate till i release my sustain pedal! back i 2018 i didn’t bother to fix this! but actually take a closer look of what notes are playing first and sustained! hope it helps!
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Enjoy guys! I hope you love playing the piano as much as i do!

Included intros :

•Disney new version – 0:00
•Dream works – 0:43
•20th century fox – 1:11
•Warner bros. home entertainment – 1:40
•Universal – 1:54
•Warner bros. – 2:30
•Sony entertainment – 2:50
•Paramount – 2:59
•Columbia – 3:25
•Disney old version – 3:51

Thanks for watching and for your support guys!
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