1 Year of Piano Progress

Jazz Piano
Note: I was already a musician when I started the piano, I have been playing guitar since the age of 8 and electronic music since the age of 15.
For those who discover me with this video, my progress can seem very fast but they are logical in regards of my journey. I spent thousands of hours composing music, listening to it, and I already had a sense of rhythm and harmony because of it. The piano is very visual, so progress quickly arrived, especially since I spent a lot of time there (it was my number 1 priority during this year !)
I invite people who discover me with this video to go see what I have been doing for several years on my youtube channel and my soundcloud, to better understand my journey.

Good viewing 🙂

1. Liquid – Sweet Harmony 0:21
2. Derrick May – Strings of life 0:27
3. Stevie Wonder – Isn’t she’s lovely 0:31
4. Gypsy Woman – She’s Homeless 0:46
5. Daft Punk – Within 1:05
6. Jazz Jam 1 2:10
7. Golberg Variations – Bach – Aria 1st part 2:23
8. Jazz Jam 2 3:04
9. Jazz Jam 3 3:16
10. Turkish March – Mozart 3:42
11. Lullaby of Birdland (Don Shirley’s style) 4:07
12. Golberg Variations – Bach – Aria 2nd part 4:38
13. Autumn Leaves 5:24

Starting playing the piano changed my life. After classes, I went home and instead of watching Netflix I chose to practice the piano, and somehow it helped me to get more energy, feeling productive and focus. I believe that what we learn always helps us in other areas of life.

I started by practicing famous loops from classic house music, because I listen to a lot of it, and I wanted to play it in live situation with my drumbox. I am also really interested in jazz and classic music too, and after practicing those simple loops I decided to get to more complex songs by playing them.

I got into music theory, just enough to understand what I play (especially in jazz music), why it sounds like this and how I can shape my own voicings.

Here is some cools youtube channel to learn piano jazz:
Piano Pig: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-obvt6Gn0Eef9vKxwcg_pg
Piano en ligne (french): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2fJkVzZK1WTy4JxwFzKSjQ?view_as=subscriber

I also highly recommand you to watch “Green Book” and “Whiplash”, two of my favorite movies about Jazz Music.

Piano used:
Juno DS 61- Roland

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